This is the Return of the Dyslexic Beats. We will begin our night with a surprise jam session featuring a few guest artists, deeping into the roots of hip-hop and lift it to 140bmp beats with ARGHTEE from the exciting CLUBJERSEY and talented Istanbulite producer FAKEPAKT



Fakepakt a.k.a Yiğit Gurcihan is a producer & DJ who mainly focuses on Bass, R&B Bass, Jersey/Philly/Baltimore Club, Rap/Trap influenced sounds. He likes to blend different artists from the same genres while paying homage to classic Hip Hop and modern edits of 90’s RnB as well.

Having played at many important venues and events in Istanbul, _and supported names like Wiley, Venus X, DJ Shadow and Star Slinger in Istanbul, Yiğit moved to London where he is currently residing.


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Born and raised in London, Arghtee started to collect music since early age. Having gathered an appreciation for a variety of genres, over the years he build up a diverse music library and in the process taught him how to DJ and produce. All these helped him to become one of the premiere taste-makers that exist in the underground electronic music scene. Arghtee is a Worldwide Club DJ and his sets run the gamut of Rap/Trap, Afrobeats, Dancehall/Reggae, reggaeton/Dembow and Jersey/Philly/Baltimore Club. He also featured on Rinse FM, NTS Live, Radar Radio and has engaged in solo projects.


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Advance Tickets Online: £5

On The Door: £6


Adress: Stage 3, Hackney Empire, 291 Mare Street, London, E8 1EJ