Book Your Musicians Online


Brief: Istanbul based underground label Bookinground requested a portfolio website to exhibit the bands and musicians in their network, while giving to venues and audiences a chance to interact with their favourite artists.

Outcome: After 12 months of research, Bookinground gathered more than 200 musicians and over 40 bands as part of the early web 2.0 movement.

The website was built to expose each individual musician/band’s particulars and to update the personal page of every musician/band in the Bookinground portfolio.

The purpose of the site was to create a medium in which venues and artists could contact one another and to provide a meeting platform for followers to obtain updated information on upcoming performances and current programs.

The website allowed venues to find the musicians they seek, audiences to follow their favourite artist and musicians to find other musicians.

Duration: 12 months

Collaborators: Taha Keleşlioğlu, Uluç Rasimoğlu, Emre Akçora

Keywords: Website Design, Branding, Web 2.0