Artworks for Local Artists

Artworks for Local Artists


 Client: Bookinground

Brief: Bookinground Label required a series of creative designs for upgrading the promotion of local artists who had recently joined their network.

Outcome: Each artist was consulted and interviewed to assess their preferences in concept and expression of their work. The graphic designers of Bears & Bridges transferred their envisioned representation into a series of progressive CD cover graphics. The designs which were representative of their music, contributed to the artists’ portfolios, revealing their association with the Bookinground network.

Duration: 2 Months

Collaborators: Ferdi Alıcı

Keywords: Artwork, CD Cover Designs

Artwork & CD Cover Designs

Book Your Musicians Online

Book Your Musicians Online


Brief: Istanbul based underground label Bookinground requested a portfolio website to exhibit the bands and musicians in their network, while giving to venues and audiences a chance to interact with their favourite artists.

Outcome: After 12 months of research, Bookinground gathered more than 200 musicians and over 40 bands as part of the early web 2.0 movement.

The website was built to expose each individual musician/band’s particulars and to update the personal page of every musician/band in the Bookinground portfolio.

The purpose of the site was to create a medium in which venues and artists could contact one another and to provide a meeting platform for followers to obtain updated information on upcoming performances and current programs.

The website allowed venues to find the musicians they seek, audiences to follow their favourite artist and musicians to find other musicians.

Duration: 12 months

Collaborators: Taha Keleşlioğlu, Uluç Rasimoğlu, Emre Akçora

Keywords: Website Design, Branding, Web 2.0

Corporate Identity of Tattoo Parlour

Corporate Identity of Tattoo Parlour


Client: Vaso Vasiko

Brief: Vaso Vasiko, an already accomplished tattoo artist, applied for our services regarding the creation of a diversified corporate identity that would suit his new venture, another tattoo studio. He positioned his business as a VIP tattoo studio where his clientele, mainly consisting of celebrities would rather feel at home than at a high tech processing studio.

Outcome: In creating a new identity for his brand, Bears & Bridges’ creative team worked with Vaso Vasiko in establishing his new corporate identity.  The job included a new logo design which would be used on his tattoo application devices.

Duration: 1 Month 

Collaborators: Volkan Ölmez

 Keywords: Branding, Logo and Corporate Identity Design

A Monthly Publication Bookinground

A Monthly Publication


Brief: Bookinground, an underground label supporting western eclectic sounds, decided that they need a side project to promote their label, reinforce their artist network and boost the number of their website visitors.

After researching the market, they came up with the idea of a publication that would serve these purposes.

Outcome: A team of graphic designers and editors were commissioned to produce the monthly publication.

Each month, 15 events were chosen by the editor from various venues and announced in the publication, promoting the local and international acts from specifically identified genres.

The publication was printed as 5000 copies which were distributed to handpicked bars, restaurants and spaces.

Bookinground publication became well known by the locals within the first couple of months and was able to gather commercial ads from recognized beer brands like Efes and Miller.

Duration: 6 months

Collaborators: Volkan Olmez, Ferdi Alıcı, Uluç Rasimoğlu, Ebru Turgul, Gökçe Özüçoşkun, EmreAkçora

Keywords: Monthly Publication, Design, Team work, Sponsorship, Marketing & Promotion

Monthly Prints