International Bookings & Morning Jazz Sessions


Client: Tamirane

Brief: Tamirane’s already well designed concept needed one last touch before it became one of the best known venues of Istanbul.

Live music, monthly booking of international artists and a fundamental jazz concept was envisioned as a program titled “Tamirane Morning Jazz Sessions” designed as a sequential series of live jazz performances accompanied by open buffet breakfast services.

Outcome: Monthly booking of world known artists, their hosting and their promotion turned Tamirane into one of Istanbul’s most hip places.

 The Morning Jazz Sessions got very popular among the jazz fans and was highly acclaimed by the local media.

This venture also served as a campaign to build Tamirane’s easy going, down to earth image, improving the venue’s brand identity while generating a group of devoted followers.

 Duration: 12 Months

Collaborators: Kerim Göknel, Elif Ocak, Ilkay Can Saray, Işıl Karaçalı, Gökhan Akdeniz


Keywords: System Design, Program Management, Brand Management, Positioning, Recruitment & International Bookings