Repositioning & Recruitment


Client: Chunk

Brief: Team “909”, previously established under two different and well recognized brand names “11:11” and “Crystal”, ventured to open a new and a smaller venue in Beyoglu, the entertainment district of Istanbul.

Followers and customers of Team “909” mainly consisted of top fashion models, photographers, actors and other electronic music lovers.

The new venue needed change management strategies to be developed and new staff to be manned. The new venue had to be promoted and the fans of the previous venues needed to be channelled to the new scene.

 Outcome: A new management team was formed, and a promotion scheme was employed with a variety of marketing strategies. After 4 months of sweat, dust and blood, the efforts yielded very positive results. Today, Chunk is one of the well recognized underground house music venues in Istanbul.

Duration: 4 Months

Collaborators: Volkan Ölmez, Murat Divitçioğlu

Keywords: Change Management, Staff Organization, Venue Promotion, Marketing