A Monthly Publication


Brief: Bookinground, an underground label supporting western eclectic sounds, decided that they need a side project to promote their label, reinforce their artist network and boost the number of their website visitors.

After researching the market, they came up with the idea of a publication that would serve these purposes.

Outcome: A team of graphic designers and editors were commissioned to produce the monthly publication.

Each month, 15 events were chosen by the editor from various venues and announced in the publication, promoting the local and international acts from specifically identified genres.

The publication was printed as 5000 copies which were distributed to handpicked bars, restaurants and spaces.

Bookinground publication became well known by the locals within the first couple of months and was able to gather commercial ads from recognized beer brands like Efes and Miller.

Duration: 6 months

Collaborators: Volkan Olmez, Ferdi Alıcı, Uluç Rasimoğlu, Ebru Turgul, Gökçe Özüçoşkun, EmreAkçora

Keywords: Monthly Publication, Design, Team work, Sponsorship, Marketing & Promotion

Monthly Prints