Makeover of N16 Orchestra:

Big Band Theory

Client: Swing Punks

Brief: Bears&Bridges organized the Launch Party of the N16 big band Swing Punks, redefining them as Big Band Theory.

Popular punk songs were given a slamming 17 piece Big Band makeover.

Outcome: Big Band Theory gave three tasty courses of Swing, Swingpunk and Funk! Live at Camden Forge. It was their biggest performance to date.

Duration: 2 months

Featured Artists:

MD/Vocal/Trombone – James Lawrence
Special Guests – Rick Leon James, Darren Abraham
Saxophones – Nichola Pope, Mike Rowlands , Claude Werner*, Chris Rand, Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti, Ben Brown
Trumpets – Eikel Venegas Hernandez, Yelfris Valdes, Sam Warner, Fulvio Sigurta
Trombones – Nathaniel Dye, Mark Walters, Peter Jackson
Bass – Paul Moylan, Luigi Casanova

Piano – Danny Rico , Chicco Allotta

Drums – Giuliano Osella,

Guitar – Thierry Courault, Artur King

Live at Forge – Camden / London
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Cem Tuncer. (
Filmed by: Anastasia Malakhova
Video editing by: Atican
Directed by:  James Lawrence

Photographers: Tahir Palali, Melissa Us

Sound Technicians: Anıl Kavaz, Matteo Musetti

Coordinator: Maria Luiza Tonchievici

Co-Hosted by: Phoenix Conaeqlib
Keywords: Big Band, Branding, Launch Party, Live Music