Makeover of N16 Orchestra

Makeover of N16 Orchestra:

Big Band Theory

Client: Swing Punks

Brief: Bears&Bridges organized the Launch Party of the N16 big band Swing Punks, redefining them as Big Band Theory.

Popular punk songs were given a slamming 17 piece Big Band makeover.

Outcome: Big Band Theory gave three tasty courses of Swing, Swingpunk and Funk! Live at Camden Forge. It was their biggest performance to date.

Duration: 2 months

Featured Artists:

MD/Vocal/Trombone – James Lawrence
Special Guests – Rick Leon James, Darren Abraham
Saxophones – Nichola Pope, Mike Rowlands , Claude Werner*, Chris Rand, Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti, Ben Brown
Trumpets – Eikel Venegas Hernandez, Yelfris Valdes, Sam Warner, Fulvio Sigurta
Trombones – Nathaniel Dye, Mark Walters, Peter Jackson
Bass – Paul Moylan, Luigi Casanova

Piano – Danny Rico , Chicco Allotta

Drums – Giuliano Osella,

Guitar – Thierry Courault, Artur King

Live at Forge – Camden / London
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Cem Tuncer. (
Filmed by: Anastasia Malakhova
Video editing by: Atican
Directed by:  James Lawrence

Photographers: Tahir Palali, Melissa Us

Sound Technicians: Anıl Kavaz, Matteo Musetti

Coordinator: Maria Luiza Tonchievici

Co-Hosted by: Phoenix Conaeqlib
Keywords: Big Band, Branding, Launch Party, Live Music


EP Launch Nu Park Experience


Nu Park Experience

Client: Nu Park

Brief:  Underground down-tempo electronic music artists Nu Park required support in launching their first EP.  Media coverage and custom built multi disciplinary stage performances were aimed for generating a strong impact on the media.

Outcome:  A well coordinated creative team of visual artists, stage designers, costume designers, PR and marketing specialists worked together in releasing of the promo EP.  The upshot was a great PR success. More than 10 major newspapers wrote about it and the launch party was a fascinating experience for those who attended.

Scope of work included developing a project document and arrangements for live performance.

Duration: 3 Months

Collaborators : Selda Şahbaz, Şecen Öztürk , Mike Nielson, Ceyhun Tuncer, Ulrich Aschenbrenner, Ceren Yançatarol, Nina Maywaether, Gamze Ulku, Ayça Yörük, Volkan Ölmez

Keywords: Stage Design, Costume Design, Marketing & PR, Content Design for Project Document, Logo Design


Project Document

40th Anniversary Celebration

40th Anniversary Celebration

RC Class of ‘73

Client:  RC’73 Graduates

Brief: It was the 40th anniversary of their graduation from Robert College so they decided to celebrate it!

Our mission was to design a reception for the graduates to get together and have a drink while pictures were taken. The crowd was then led to a bigger hall with open buffet food service, including branded items of their graduation year.

Outcome: Please watch the video

Duration: 4 months

Collaborators: Ayşe Mortaş, Senay Haznerdaroğlu, Elif Eda Tibet

Keywords: Corporate Event, Class Reunion, Catering, Annual Celebration, Graduation Party, DJ’s

A Celebration with the Royal College of Surgeons

A Celebration with the Royal College of Surgeons


 Client: TCHPA (Turkish Cypriot Healthcare Professionals Associations)

Brief: Our Objective was to provide all the entertainment and music of the event to be held at the Royal College of Surgeons, making sure everybody enjoys the good quality service. Bears&Bridges arranged two orchestras, one to play during the reception and the other to animate the dance floor.

Outcome: Here is our video presentation of what took place at The Royal College of Surgeons in London.

Guest artists:
Atilla Huseyin Quartet
Hakan Bilal Quartet

Video Music: Skapel – Simple

 Duration: 2 months

 Collaborators: Atilla Özcan, Comert Comi, Maria Lulu, Ale T Joy, Anıl Kavaz, Artemis Evlogimenou

Keywords: Corporate Event, Entertainment & Sound, Video Promotion