40th Anniversary Celebration

40th Anniversary Celebration

RC Class of ‘73

Client:  RC’73 Graduates

Brief: It was the 40th anniversary of their graduation from Robert College so they decided to celebrate it!

Our mission was to design a reception for the graduates to get together and have a drink while pictures were taken. The crowd was then led to a bigger hall with open buffet food service, including branded items of their graduation year.

Outcome: Please watch the video

Duration: 4 months

Collaborators: Ayşe Mortaş, Senay Haznerdaroğlu, Elif Eda Tibet

Keywords: Corporate Event, Class Reunion, Catering, Annual Celebration, Graduation Party, DJ’s

A Celebration with the Royal College of Surgeons

A Celebration with the Royal College of Surgeons


 Client: TCHPA (Turkish Cypriot Healthcare Professionals Associations)

Brief: Our Objective was to provide all the entertainment and music of the event to be held at the Royal College of Surgeons, making sure everybody enjoys the good quality service. Bears&Bridges arranged two orchestras, one to play during the reception and the other to animate the dance floor.

Outcome: Here is our video presentation of what took place at The Royal College of Surgeons in London.

Guest artists:
Atilla Huseyin Quartet
Hakan Bilal Quartet

Video Music: Skapel – Simple

 Duration: 2 months

 Collaborators: Atilla Özcan, Comert Comi, Maria Lulu, Ale T Joy, Anıl Kavaz, Artemis Evlogimenou

Keywords: Corporate Event, Entertainment & Sound, Video Promotion

Brand New Local Bar Concept

Brand New Local Bar Concept:


Client: 55 Cocktails

Objective: To introduce a brand new venue on Stoke Newington High Street in London.

Our mission was to change the venue’s name and, to rebrand the venture with cost cutting strategies, while launching the venue within a restricted timeframe.

Scope of work included; Preparing Monthly Event Calendar, Booking External Promoters, Preparing new Drinks Menu, Arranging Live Music Nights and DJ’s.

Outcome: The rebranded venue became very trendy among the N16 locals.

Duration: 4 months

Collaborators: Danail D. Angelov, Elif Ergisi, Anna Rallo, Ebru Turgul, Vitan Boranov, Bee Bee, Fırat Ayas, Anastasia Malakhova, Nathan Fustec

Keywords : Branding, Change Management, Logo Design, Menu & Concept Design, Launch Party, Pop-up Kitchen Events, Monthly Events Schedule, Bookings with external promoters, Promoting Live Music nights & DJ’s



Introducing the New American Burger Bar

Introducing the New American Burger Bar


Client: BUN & BAR

Brief: To introduce a new American Burger Spot and plan a series of events in an exquisite spot with an outstanding stage in Harringay.

 We were happy to be part of A New Burger Place’s launching party.

There were DJ’s and a quartet playing all sorts of Jazz and Funk.

We wish you were there to experience and feel the opening energy.

 Collaborators: Danail D. Angelov,

 Keywords: Product Launch, Venue Promotion, Marketing

Website: http://www.bunandbar.com


Repositioning & Recruitment

Repositioning & Recruitment


Client: Chunk

Brief: Team “909”, previously established under two different and well recognized brand names “11:11” and “Crystal”, ventured to open a new and a smaller venue in Beyoglu, the entertainment district of Istanbul.

Followers and customers of Team “909” mainly consisted of top fashion models, photographers, actors and other electronic music lovers.

The new venue needed change management strategies to be developed and new staff to be manned. The new venue had to be promoted and the fans of the previous venues needed to be channelled to the new scene.

 Outcome: A new management team was formed, and a promotion scheme was employed with a variety of marketing strategies. After 4 months of sweat, dust and blood, the efforts yielded very positive results. Today, Chunk is one of the well recognized underground house music venues in Istanbul.

Duration: 4 Months

Collaborators: Volkan Ölmez, Murat Divitçioğlu

Keywords: Change Management, Staff Organization, Venue Promotion, Marketing



International Bookings & Morning Jazz Sessions

International Bookings & Morning Jazz Sessions


Client: Tamirane

Brief: Tamirane’s already well designed concept needed one last touch before it became one of the best known venues of Istanbul.

Live music, monthly booking of international artists and a fundamental jazz concept was envisioned as a program titled “Tamirane Morning Jazz Sessions” designed as a sequential series of live jazz performances accompanied by open buffet breakfast services.

Outcome: Monthly booking of world known artists, their hosting and their promotion turned Tamirane into one of Istanbul’s most hip places.

 The Morning Jazz Sessions got very popular among the jazz fans and was highly acclaimed by the local media.

This venture also served as a campaign to build Tamirane’s easy going, down to earth image, improving the venue’s brand identity while generating a group of devoted followers.

 Duration: 12 Months

Collaborators: Kerim Göknel, Elif Ocak, Ilkay Can Saray, Işıl Karaçalı, Gökhan Akdeniz

Website:  www.tamirane.com

Keywords: System Design, Program Management, Brand Management, Positioning, Recruitment & International Bookings